Assam e-District Service Portal Registration | e District Assam

Assam e-District Service Portal Registration | e District Assam

E District Assam :

E district assam is a government service portal of Assam Government. E district service portal has an each of the district of assam with the single website by the Assam Government. So we of all have to know about the e district portal and its services. So today we have come with brief details on e district service portal. We will briefly discuss about the, what is the assam e district service, how to use e district asaam, benefits of this portal and how to register on e district assam service portal.

Assam e District service portal

E district assam service portal has been created for help to the citizen of assam (here we want to tell that this service available for all of the states of India). The main aim of this e district assam service portal is mainly making digitally and save the times of citizen of assam. This portal gives service on various types of certificates getting process and various online government sector.

E district assam registration

First we will show you how to create the account on e district assam. Now we are going to tell you that how can you register on e district assam portal. We will briefly guide you with example of some images. If you follow this all steps, then you can easily register assam e district portal.

Step -1

First you go to your browser and type ( e district assam, then click search button. You can see the so many search results have there, you just go with which is first site and the official site of assam government.

Step – 2

In this website have an option is with edistrict services, click on this button. After clicking on this you will redirect in a new page. And this is the account page, you can create new account or login on e district assam here.

Now you have an option to create account in state portal for e-district citizen registration. Next click on create account. You got a new interface with blank form, now you have to fill all of the blanks of this form to creating account on assam edistrict portal. In this way, as shown in figure.

Step -3

Now we shall tell you one by one all of about the blanks, that you should fill. Previously you have seen in the image of registration form. According to the form, first you write your name, next middle name and then last name.

In second line you have to put a screen name like as a user name, which shown on your account. Next put your email id, select your gender and date of birth then give mobile number. And last fill the captcha with number text. Now click on save button. Your account is created successfully.

E district assam login

Previously you have created your e district service account. Now its time to login edistrict assam portal account. Already you have received a mail from e district service portal on providing email id. Where has your login password. You have to login assam edistrict portal with this password and providing email id.

Set a new password in e district assam service portal

After sign in or log in, you will go on new page where you can set a new password. There have two blanks. Here you have to give new same password as your wishing. And then clock on save button.

After that, you got a new interface. Where you have to choose your faverouite question and answer for future verification. Now click on save button. After that saving tills details. Then you got see the new interface, next scroll down and click on e-district services registration.

Here you have to fill with your details. You have to put your name, address, state name, district name, PIN no, Adhar number or PAN number or Voter ID number and your mobile number. After filling all the details just click on generate OTP. Now enter the OTP and fill captcha next click register button.

Now you got a message from e district assam, that your account is registered. Now you are to use assam edistrict portal.

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